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At RePityke, a brand in Hungarian eco-design, we have been designing and handcrafting custom-made bags and accessories since 2015. Our main mission is to process textile and leather waste in such a way that the result compares to a brandnew product in both its quality and value. Each bag we make has a  specially fabric upcycling recycling design, so the materials we used make them truly one of a kind. We hand-pick, cut and sew our fabrics with great care and in accordance with zero waste principles. Our main inspiration is geometric design and it has become our trademark in the world of redesign bags through playfully combined materials such as denim, upholstery fabrics, umbrellas, trench coats and waste leather.

Contact and Order info


Get in touch with us at repityke@gmail.com!

If you want to order from our webshop with overseas shipping conditions, please send us an email to repityke@gmail.com with the link or pic of the product witch you would like to buy.


1122, Budapest

Városmajor utca 8.

Door code: 34